Whisky: The Manual

Mitchell Beazley - This highly accessible and enjoyable guide is full of practical and fascinating information about how to enjoy whisky. Along the way a good few myths are exploded, including the idea that whisky has to be taken neat. In 'how to drink', from soda to green tea; and in cocktails, he sets out how to enjoy whisky in myriad ways - using water and mixers, from the Manhattan to the Rusty Nail.

In this spirited, entertaining and no-nonsense guide, world-renowned expert Dave Broom dispels the mysteries of whisky and unlocks a whole host of exciting possibilities for this magical drink. In 'what to drink', dave broom explores flavour camps - how to understand a style of whisky - and moves on to provide extensive tasting notes of the major brands, demonstrating whisky's extraordinary diversity.

Whisky: The Manual - He even looks at pairing whisky and food. All whisky styles are covered, including just whisper it blends.

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Gin: The Manual

Mitchell Beazley - You could not write a more sophisticated book or pack more detail onto each page. It is rocket science impressive'Huffington PostIn recent years, gin has shed its old-fashioned image and been reborn as a hot and hip spirit. With this book as your guide, scottish, discover:how gin is madewhat a botanical is and how they impact a gin's flavourWhat the difference between Dutch, London, with lemonade, Spanish and American gins isHow you drink them to maximise your pleasureWhether there is life beyond the gin & tonic yes!The body of the book covers 120 gins which Dave has tested four ways - with tonic, in a negroni and in a martini - and then scored.

. The number of brands grows every day and bartenders - and consumers - are now beginning to re-examine gin as a quality base spirit for drinks both simple and complex. Now, it is the time to set out what makes gin special, with more brands available than ever before, what its flavours are and how to get the most out of the brands you buy.

Gin: The Manual - In addition, which highlights its core properties and allows you to understand how you can best drink it, each gin is categorised according to an ingenious flavour camp system, and therefore enjoy it.

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Rum The Manual

Mitchell Beazley - About the best rum for a classic daquiri. More than 100 different rums are featured and analysed, from rich, sweet mellow Guyana rums to the vegetal peppery rums of Martinique or Guadeloupe and contemporary spiced rums. It's about rum enjoyed with cola and ginger beer. The premium rum market is growing at an astonishing rate.

Finally, a selection of classic and contemporary cocktails shows just how wonderfully versatile this spirit is. About rum cocktails that ooze style and personality. The mission of this book is to help drinkers appreciate this complex spirit, find the style they like and discover how this versatile spirit can best be enjoyed.

Rum The Manual - Shortlisted for the Fortnum & Mason Drink Book award. This is a book about how to drink rum of all kinds. It will help you to understand your rum - how it's produced whether from molasses, sweet, cane syrup or cane juice and whether it's dry, fresh or oaky. Above all, it's about enjoying your rum in ways you never thought possible.

It's about classic rums and new-generation rums, about rhum agricole and about premium aged rums, about rums from all over the world. Dave broom provides a description and graded tasting notes for each brand, allowing you to create the perfect mix every time.

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A Field Guide to Whisky: An Expert Compendium to Take Your Passion and Knowledge to the Next Level

Artisan - With the whisky market booming all over the world, now is a perfect time for a comprehensive guide to this popular brown spirit. What are the basic ingredients in all whiskies? how does it get its flavor? which big-name brands truly deserve their reputation? What are the current whisky trends around the world? And who was Jack Daniel, consumption tips, bars, hotels, trends, geographical maps and lists of distilleries, production methods, anyway? This abundance of information is distilled! into 324 short entries covering basic whisky literacy, whisky trails, trivia, and festivals by an industry insider.

A field guide to whisky is a one-stop guide for all the information a whisky enthusiast needs. Boasting 230 color photographs and a beautiful package to boot, A Field Guide to Whisky will make a whisky expert out of anyone.  .

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Tasting Whiskey: An Insider's Guide to the Unique Pleasures of the World's Finest Spirits

Storey Publishing, LLC - With advice on how to collect, and serve whiskey, as well as suggestions for proven food pairings, age, you’ll be inspired to share your knowledge and invite your friends over for a delicious whiskey tasting party.  . Pour a stiff drink and crack open this comprehensive guide to everything there is to know about the world’s greatest whiskeys.

Exploring the traditions behind bourbon, Irish, Scotch, and even Japanese whiskey, you’ll discover how unique flavors are created through variations of ingredients and different distilling techniques.

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The Way of Whisky: A Journey Around Japanese Whisky

Mitchell Beazley - Winner of the andré simon john avery award'This book is incredible' - Alex KratenaAn in-depth, personal journey around Japan's whisky distilleries. Award-winning author and japanese whisky expert, tells their story and unveils the philosophy that lies behind this fascinating whisky culture, Dave Broom, and how it relates to many Japanese concepts.

. Features on aspects of japanese life and culture that are crucial to a wider understanding, from the importance of the seasons to the role of craftsmanship, add to the picture. And interwoven throughout the book is the fascinating narrative of the journey across Japan which Dave made with photographer Kohei Take, whisky drinker, offering further insight into the country which creates this wonderful drink and making this a must-have edition for any whisky lover, whisky collector or Japanophile.

The Way of Whisky: A Journey Around Japanese Whisky - Dave looks at the history and output of each distillery, considering the elements that make that particular whisky what it is, and including tasting notes.

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Bourbon Curious

Zenith Press - In addition, and exploring distiller secrets, Minnick spends some time busting bourbon's myths, unraveling its mysteries, disclosing the recipes you won't find on a bottle's label. As bourbon becomes more ingrained in the culinary world, foodies and drink enthusiasts alike are looking for a basic understanding of America's spirit.

In bourbon curious: a simple tasting guide for the savvy drinker, award-winning whiskey writer and Wall Street Journalbest-selling author Fred Minnick creates an easy-to-read interactive tasting journey that helps you select barrel-aged bourbons based on your flavor preferences. Using the same tasting principles he offers in his Kentucky Derby Museum classes and as a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Minnick cuts to the chase, dismissing brand marketing and judging only the flavor of the bourbon.

Bourbon Curious - Bourbon curious groups bourbon into four main flavor profiles--grain, caramel, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Bourbon curious will help curious minds take their first step in learning about this highly celebrated spirit. Like good-tasting bourbon, Bourbon Curious is approachable to all! This book reveals more than fifty bourbon brands' predominate tastes and suggests cocktail recipes to complement them.

While many bourbons boast all four flavor notes, one delicious sensation typically overpowers the rest.

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Whiskypedia: A Compendium of Scotch Whisky

Skyhorse - Whiskypedia also outlines information about individual distilleries. An authority on scotch whiskyan ideal addition to a collection of whisky books for beginners or whisky distilling booksFantastic gift for any whisky loversHave you ever wondered why Scotch whisky tastes the way it does? Have you ever questioned the history of whisky and how its flavor notes have changed over the years? If so, then this book is for you! The flavor of Scotch whisky is influenced by a combination of history, craft, science, and tradition.

. Written by charles maclean, “a world authority on malt whisky” Daily Telegraph, shares his wisdom throughout this book. This is an ideal book about Scotch for any whisky fan. Skyhorse publishing, frying, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, grilling, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, including books on juicing, baking, and cast iron cooking.

Whiskypedia: A Compendium of Scotch Whisky - Each one provides their whiskies with unique characteristics. We’ve been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. The history of Scotch whisky and information on Scotch distilling are also included. Our list includes french cooking, bone broth, canning and preserving, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, meatballs, oil and vinegar, Cajun cooking, peanut butter, as well as books on jerky, and more.

Whether it is single malt Scotch whisky, dalmore whisky, or peat whisky, you will learn something about it in this book. This book on scotch is also a compendium of curiosities! Learn about bottles of scotch, including orbit bottle labels, whiskey green labels, and more.

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101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die Revised & Updated

Headline - It is simply a guide to the 101 whiskies that enthusiasts must seek out and try in order to complete their whisky education. It is not an awards list. Try them before you die - Slainte! Revised and updated in 2013, 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die is a whisky guide with a difference. It is not a list of the 101 'best' whiskies in the world in the opinion of a self-appointed whisky guru.

The book decodes the marketing hype and gets straight to the point; whether from India, Sweden, glens and islands of Scotland, Ireland, America, Japan or the hills, here are the 101 whiskies that you really want. Avoiding the deliberately obscure, whisky expert Ian Buxton recommends an eclectic selection of old favourites, the ridiculously limited and the absurdly expensive, stellar newcomers and mystifyingly unknown drams that simply have to be drunk.

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Single Malt Whisky: A Guide to the Whiskies of Scotland: Includes Profiles, Ratings, and Tasting Notes for More Than 330 Expressions

Quercus - With maps of essential whisky regions of scotland, profiles of each of the makers, and photographs of the bottles and tasting notes for each of the most widely available expressions--compiled from tasting sessions conducted by a panel of leading whisky experts--readers will discover a rich vein of knowledge about one of the world's most storied beverages.

Selected from more than one hundred active distilleries in Scotland, the 330 expressions featured in this book provide a curated yet comprehensive primer of the single-malt whiskies any growing aficionado should be familiar with. A follow-up to his bestselling american whiskey, bourbon & rye: a guide to the nation's Favorite Spirit, and incredible diversity of malted whisky, fascinating science, Clay Risen's Single Malt is an introduction to the long history, as well as a practical drinker's guide to buying and enjoying hundreds of the greatest examples of the distiller's tradition.

Single Malt Whisky: A Guide to the Whiskies of Scotland: Includes Profiles, Ratings, and Tasting Notes for More Than 330 Expressions - Additional features include a directory of distilleries, Risen's top whisky picks in various categories, and a full index of the expressions featured in the book.

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Proof: The Science of Booze

Mariner Books - Wilson literary science Writing Award   “Lively. Named a best science book of 2014 by amazon,  wired,  the guardian,  and nbC Winner of the 2014 Gourmand Award for Best Spirits Book in the United States Finalist for the 2015 PEN/E. Rogers’s descriptions of the science behind familiar drinks exert a seductive pull.

New york times   humans have been perfecting alcohol production for ten thousand years, but scientists are just starting to distill the chemical reactions behind the perfect buzz. If you’ve ever wondered how your drink arrived in your glass, or what it will do to you,  Proof makes an unparalleled drinking companion.

Proof: The Science of Booze - O. He chases the physics, and metallurgy that produce alcohol, biology, chemistry, and the psychology and neurobiology that make us want it. Above all, it makes you understand how deeply human it is to take a drink. Wall street Journal. In a spirited tour across continents and cultures, Adam Rogers takes us from bourbon country to the world’s top gene-sequencing labs, introducing us to the bars, barflies, and evolving science at the heart of boozy technology.

You get a warm sensation, you want to engage with the wider world, and you feel smarter than you probably are. Rogers’s book has much the same effect as a good drink.

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